President Biden’s administration outlines coronavirus response plan

The newly sworn-in president of America, president Joe Biden, outlined his administration plan concerning COVID-19, which has currently led to the death of more than 400,000 people in the US alone.


His plan includes distributing 100 million vaccine shots in his first 100 days, issuing a “100 Days Masking Challenge” to encourage the public to wear masks, and requiring people to keep physically distant and wear masks in federal buildings and on federal lands.

President Biden to ask congress to approve $400 billion coronavirus fund

To carry out his plan, president Biden intends to ask congress to approve a $400 billion to kick-start the COVID-19 response.


The details of the plan includes: $20 billion for a national vaccine program that would partner with states, localities and tribal nations to fast-track vaccine rollout.

$50 billion to expand testing, including improving support for laboratories and purchasing rapid antigen tests;

Funding 100,000 public-health workers to aid in contact tracing, vaccine distribution or other needs of local health departments Expanding paid leave programs to allow more workers to stay home if sick.


Details of how the fund would be allocated is expected to expand in the coming weeks.

Biden’s coronavirus adviser says the administration plans to be transparent

In a recent interview with president Joe Biden’s adviser to the transition team’s COVID-19 advisory board, Michael Osterholm, it was revealed that the new administration’s plan was to tackle the lack of coordination in the vaccine distribution.


“There hasn’t been enough investment in state and local delivery systems, there hasn’t been enough attention paid to vaccine hesitancy,” he said.


“The administration just has to be honest with the American people about what’s realistic in terms of production timelines and when certain people can get vaccinated.


The next big thing is providing support to state and local health departments who are really the air traffic controllers in our communities for vaccination,” he added.