Classic Rock All Stars

Classic Rockers have joined together to form an incredible Super Group
Mike Pinera – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Mike Pinera – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Mike Pinera is one of Rock Music’s true legends. Record sales by the groups he recorded and performed with, total over 50 million world-wide.

His first million-selling gold record was for “Ride Captain Ride” which he wrote and sang with his group Blues Image. In the late 1960’s, Mike joined, Iron Butterfly. The Butterfly broke all Music Industry standards by staying at the top of the charts for over 56 weeks. Their album “In A Gadda Da Vida“, was the first album ever in music history to receive a Platinum Award.

During this period, Mike became one of the first Rock Artists to open a video production company. His tours with such legendary artists as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Eric Clapton and The Cream and many others marked the beginning of many hours of footage to be filmed and captured for generations to come.

He then went on to play and record with Ramatam, Cactus, and Thee Image.

After recording 2 solo albums, “Isla” on Capricorn and “Forever” on Spector records, Mike later joined Alice Cooper, recording 2 albums, “Special Forces” and “Zipper Catches Flesh.” Pinera helped in composing the songs with Alice, producing the music videos, two world tours and also a National Network Special in France.

He then co-wrote, co-produced and hosted the first anti-drug Rock Music documentary “Painscape” commissioned by The White House and still being shown today in schools.

He has been producing and appearing in, Classic Rock All Stars concerts with many of the biggest names in music, recording and filming the shows, interviews and behind the scenes for future television specials, home videos and a Classic Rock TV Network. One of the shows “Living Legends of Rock N’ Roll” featured over 30 bands and was shot in HDTV. The DVD has just been released.

Pinera co-produced with Justice Rines and co-starred in the “Toys in the Sun” concert in Fort Lauderdale. The event and Bike Rally, which benefited The Joe Di Maggio Children’s Hospital drew 75,000 people and featured Classic Rock All Stars, members of KANSAS, BTO, ALLMAN BROTHERS, and THREE DOG NIGHT. The show was video taped and shown live world-wide via satellite.

Mike is currently working on launching a new Internet and Television Channel, THE CLASSIC ROCK NETWORK.

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