Classic Rock All Stars

Classic Rockers have joined together to form an incredible Super Group
Dennis Noda – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar

Dennis Noda – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar

Dennis Noda, is a funky rockin’ bassist with a high visibility factor. His early musical career found him in Cannibal and the Headhunters who achieved international acclaim with the hit “Land of a Thousand Dances”.

Dennis later went on to become an in demand musician performing with Edwin Starr, Al Wilson, Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), Spencer Davis, Bobby Kimball (Toto), and numerous others. Dennis served as Music Director for Micky Dolenz of the Monkees, Otis Day and the Knights (National Lampoon’s Animal House; “Shout”), and several tours of The 30 Years of Rock ’N ’Roll Show.

During his tenure with 30 Years of Rock’N’Roll he became friends with Mike Pinera and Jerry Corbetta who along with Peter Rivera formed the now famous “Classic Rock All Stars”.

Besides touring with the Classic Rock All Stars, Dennis is also currently involved with a Modern Rock group known as “The Jonah Kiss”. They have had several songs placed in the TV shows; “Caroline in the City” & “Party of Five”.

Starting in December “The Jonah Kiss” is recording a CD at A&M; Recording Studios. An interesting side note: the A&M; lot used to be Charlie Chaplin Studios in Hollywood.

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